High-Energy Art & Science

Since the first discussions on art and science took place in conjunction with MUOGRAPHERS 2017, the Muographers have experienced successful world-wide cross-disciplinary collaborations with Italian, Hungarian, Japanese and American visual artists and musicians. The Fine-Art Muographers are the group of artists who are inspired by muography, trying to utilize muography or art as an effective tool for new inspiration or outreach with the communities that we serve. These two goals are ultimately equal, and both directions exist. The time is ripe for the Art Muographers to share our experience with other high-energy physics groups such as CMS, ATLAS, ALICE, and LIGO/VIRGO. As part of the Europe-based ORIGIN Network, Muographers have participated in 5 art/international science exhibitions in Canada, Croatia, Georgia, Albania, and Bosnia. Now in order to consider how to expand this initiative, together with our Japanese collaborative partners, we have invited related people from art@CMS, ATLAS, ALICE, and LIGO/VIRGO under an umbrella of the Fine-Art Muographers to discuss the possibilities of international events in conjunction with Muographers 2019 and 2020 during the Tokyo Olympic year . The discussion topics will include (A) how we can evaluate these events, the benefits to the communities we serve and to the scientists and artists involved, (B) what the definition of a successful collaboration between a scientists and an artist is, (C) what an appropriate role for social media and the internet is, and (D) how we can continue to seek creative solutions to engage with the pubic and with members of the art community who want to inspire and shape our message. These are some of the topics that we will address in this workshop to prepare for future art and science events. TO THE SITE